Friday, September 19, 2008

End of the week-Big Update

I'm catching up here with a big post on all the goings on this week at school since i've been either too busy of fried to post since Monday. My schedule is a lot more full this semester, besides Tuesdays when I teach, I am in school at PAFA every day. It's great, but some days when I get home I have to hop on the freelance right away, and grind the gears for a few hours till I hit the sack for a few hours of sleep for the next days class. So for the next few weeks I might not be able to update every day like I used to.

Today was my anatomy class with John Horn, today we covered the Pelvis, then the model came in and we draw the model and placed the pelvis inside. The drawing above is from this morning's class.I used a General's Indigo Blue pencil on this drawing, it seems to work better for me, almost like it makes the drawing a blueprint.

the two drawings above are from my drawing class with Scott Noel, the first is a looser sketch i did when warming p, and the second was the last drawing done in the class, about 15 minutes.

This sdrawing is from the Thursday night open studio sessions at school. I did a few drawings but this one I think was teh best, it was a 15 minute drawing. I really want to in corporate the space in the drawing with the model as well, not just concentrate on the figure alone. This was done with a big vine charcoal stick on charcoal paper.
This is the second contour line still life I did for Mike Gallagher's Still Life class. I am really exploring the different type of line to try and indicate depth/atmosphere without smearing or rendering.

Finally, here is the next step in our life sculpture in John horn's class, this week John did a demo and we started adding in the zygomatic arch, etc., building in the forms of the skull. The next step, once the skull is done will be to start sculpting from the live model...that will be awesome, I can't wait.

Also the first Secret Saturday's story I did in DC's Action Pack should be shipping into stores this week.


alan said...

Love these drawings, especially the first linear study with the pelvis inserted, and the side-lit model in charcoal. Looking forward to see more sculpture

Anonymous said...

I meant to comment on this earlier, Mike. Those line drawings with the anatomy drawn in are just awesome. I did something similar to that at UArts and it was enormously helpful.