Monday, September 22, 2008

Life Painting Week 3

Today being Monday it's Life painting with Al Gury. Today I started massing in the color over the laying from last week. Since I am teaching Tuesdays I can't take the uninstructed class so I will only have one more full class to finish off this painting. I have a picture of the set-up, but not the model. I might ask her if she'll let me take a snap of her so I can try and continue the painting after the class is over.

Below is the next step of the head sculpture in John Horn's class. Today was the un-instructed class, so we had to finish up the basic form, I hope we get to start with the model on Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

That's a fine looking head Mike. I remember this part of the class as a short and unappreciated period where I had a clear purpose. After you get the model things continue to get more and more complicated and John makes it sound so simple. I'm looking forward to seeing this progress.