Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday's Work

Today was my first class with Al Gury, the head of the painting Dept at PAFA. I've been looking forward to taking his painting class for a long time. Today we started right away doing a little sketch of the model in pencil, and then proceeding to go right to a rough color sketch in oil. the class was too short, so by the time I got to the point of doing the oild sketch I was rushing the clock. I was using an earth palette. I'll shoot a pick of my palette next week. Next week we go big and start right on the painting, Al wants us to use at least 16 x 20 even up to 60 inches. I'll have to get my big brushes out for this baby!

Then after lunch it was John horns' uninstructed portion of his sculpture class. Following the specs john gave us last week, we had to make the rough block-head form which we will then use as the base for our sculpture from the model. That I hope will be lots of fun!


Mike Hawthorne said...

You're an inspiration, Mr. Manley! Makes me wanna get back to school!


Matt Dicke said...

hey mike. glad to see your progress at PAFA. Al Gury is the MAN. I had him for anatomy at U-art in the late 90's and he is an amazing teacher and painter. Take good notes, they will last you a lifetime!
Looking forward to more posts and more on Babymen. I like the phrase. Works really well.

Gabriel Rojas Jr. said...

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