Friday, September 26, 2008

Models and Pelviseseseszzz

Today I did this pelvis-figure study in John Horn's class. I did it using a Col-erase Blue and Red pencils. It was a class long drawing and I really try and make this sort of a blueprint or construction drawing--which is what John os having us go for. Some of the proportions are still a bit off here as I was kinda' tired when we started and I had to hack back in there or there, which is another good thing about the Col-erase pencils--they are easily erased and so don't leave a heavy stain in the paper.
Yesterday it was the first class where we actually go to have our models in for the Life Sculpting. We have a choice of male or female models, I chose to do our female model because I think the softer forms will be a bigger challenge than the more obvious planes and angles of the male model.

John took us step-by-step through the 6 basic measurements, Height, dept, width, eye brow, hairline and ear notch.
Once we had those measurements we had to work on our heads to get them to conform to the models basic proportions. In the final stage we would actually have the model stand with our sculpture, face-to-face to double check our measurements. John is really a great teacher, he's very clear and he explains everything really well and takes his time and has a great eye. He can look at your sculpture and the with a push or pull of clay completely fix anything that is off.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I wish I was taking this class again. John is thrice the man. Also, those col-erase pencils don't leave any residua stain after erasing? If that's true I gotta give them another shot. Oh yeah, thanks again for the magazine buddy.

Mike M said...

Yeah, John is doubt about that.

Col-erase are great for drawing and animators and comic guys seem to swear by them. Dick Blick sells them in an assortment like I showed you the other night.

Christina said...

Mike, your photo of John eye level with the model is fantastic. Classic. I bet he'd like to have that.