Saturday, September 06, 2008

PAFA Week TWO--Let's Get this Party Started

I have been really sow in posting here the past few weeks, but I plan on picking up again as the schedule seems to be smoothing out. I'm back in school now 3/4time and teaching again on Tuesdays, but every other day I am in school at PAFA. I have also been working hard on some comic jobs for DC, recently the Secret Saturdays, and still doing gobs of character designs for Batman:Brave and the Bold.

Everybody was waiting for the clay...
My head rig, ready and waiting to become a fully sculpted human head....

This was my second week of classes at PAFA and I still haven't had one of my painting classes yet due to the way the schedule has broken down so far. Monday I'll have my first Life painting class with Al Gury.
We have a great view of the construction going on right cross Broad Street from the school of the new extension of the Philly Convention Center.

While we waited my friend Christina busted out her sketchbook...
But I did have my first class with Mike Gallagher in Still Life and my first class with Scott Noel again and the second class with John Horn for Sculpture. This week we finished our rigs for the heads we'll sculpt from life, bought our clay, and watched John give us a demo on how to build the basic head form common to all "people from earth" as Mr. Horn informed us.

One of the things I love seeing by teachers is a demo. I love seeing Scott draw with us in class, and it was great to watch John do this demo. One of the things you see with an artist/teacher like John is the confidence and pacing and application of talent, even in the simple thing like this demo, which I'm sure he must have done a zillion times over the years. It was great to watch his hands and his face as he sculpted, sure smooth moves sprinkled with his great subtle sense of humor. I hear he has quite the fan club at school. This monday we all get to do what John showed us in class and I'm sure it won't be as easy as it appeared when he did it.

John Horn sculpts for us...

This year is getting off to a solid start and I think I will enjoy all of my classes very much. I'm also in with a group of good eggs as I call them, a bunch of new friends and fellow artists and we are clicking together well. In fact a bunch of fellow Pafites have started their own blog journaling their experiences in school just like me, so head over and see what the Academy Students


CCG Coordinator said...

Hey Mike,

That's an awful pretty armature you built there. How about a break down of what it built from. I see some kind of foam trapped inside. And the the two top hoops look like aluminum wire. What connects those to the plumbing pipe (what size?) and then there's the bracket for the pipe mount to the wooden base. Did you get a paper plan from your instructor for this?

What type of clay will you build with? Will this armature be re-used or will the piece be dried or fired somehow?

Hope all is well with you!

Unknown said...

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