Monday, July 30, 2012

Featured Guest Lehigh Valley Comic Con

I'll be the featured gust at this months Lehigh Valley Comic Con
on Saturday August 25th. I haven't done any cons in the last few years so stop on by if you are in the area and chat and get a sketch!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

PAFA CE Cartooning Class 2012

I just finished teaching my one-week intensive workshop on comics at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in the Continuing Ed program. I had a great group of talented and enthusiastic young cartoonists who came ready to draw up a storm!  
 Just like last summer  I had a pretty diverse group and a pretty big class at 14 students. I felt lucky as this summer many classes have not run in the program, and thats probably due to the economy. I had two returning students from last summer and it was great to see the growth from last summer.
 There was at a good variety of interests and styles from manga to Indy, horror and humor, one student drew her own Adventure Time comic. I introduced them to the technical end as well as he artistic variety of come books and strips and everyone really churned out great pages. Even in a week long class that runs 6 hours, getting 3-4 pages done in that time is pretty hard work.
 Asher continued on with his theme of doing a war comic, this time based on a book he was reading about Vietnam. I showed him the work of artists like Russ Heath and he ate it up! Not everyone just drew comics, some wanted to draw illustrations of trains or the Beatles--and its all good! I introduced a student to the work of Peter max, Moebius, Virgil Finlay and the Art Nouveau--which she has never heard of but was drawing work very influenced by the 60's psychedelic and The Yellow Submarine cartoon.

I was honestly impressed by how talented some of my students were and how quickly the picked up the things I showed them, trying their hand at the pen nib and brush and not just the marker---and they really seemed to dig the results!

 It was a great group of young cartoonist and teaching them gave me a boost as well---its really great to see that there are a whole bunch of young cartoonist out there hoping to draw their way to fame and fortune, to lob the ball over the net and have it sent back with a little spin on it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Judge Parker

This week's Judge Parker. The boys can stay!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Judge Parker

This week's Judge Parker Sunday, things seem to be getting a bit touchy....