Monday, April 22, 2019

Behind the Scenes on the Phantom

A little behind the scenes on the Phantom over on the Chronicle Chamber

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Pencil To Pencil Podcast launch!

Comic Industry Vets Mike Manley Bret Blevins and Jamar Nicholas Launch New Podcast PENCIL TO PENCIL

From the creator and contributors to Eisner-award nominated Draw! Magazine comes a new podcast: Pencil-to-Pencil (, featuring bi-weekly conversation focusing comics, animation, illustration and all forms of narrative storytelling.

In each episode, comic-book industry veterans and hosts Mike Manley, Bret Blevins and Jamar Nicholas engage in candid in-depth conversations on art, techniques and experiences with fellow professionals from all over the fields of publishing and entertainment.

This podcast is for anyone interested in the process of creating comics, working in animation, illustration, concept design or the entertainment industry. Drawing upon their long and varied careers and connections Mike, Bret and Jamar will discuss each guest’s work and how they navigated the path to success in their career, as well as their creative and working process.

The most recent episode features long-time comics veteran Howard Chaykin.

Manley says, “Being a 30-year veteran in comics and also editor of a succesful how-to magazine on the craft has brought me to an easy decision to bring together friends Bret [Blevins] and Jamar [Nicholas] to introduce a information-hungry audience to pros engaging in ‘shop-talk’ with the listener as the fly-on-the-wall--with the use of the podcast as said wall.”

For more information, image samples or inquiries, contact Mike Manley via email at:

More about the Hosts:

Mike Manley

Jamar Nicholas

Bret Blevins

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