Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Turtle Cover Roughs

Here are 4 cover roughs for the issue of the TMNT I am doing that features casey Jones and Splinter. I submitted them to Mirage and they picked cover D.

You can see larger images HERE and HERE.

Friday, April 21, 2006


I have very, very busy...ok, I am always busy, but I have been cranking the machine at full lately. I wish I could show a lot of what I am working on, like inking Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man over Mike Weiringo, but alas I can't post those pages yet. But I do have some of my own comic projects in line though so I will be working on some more 'creator owned' comics. School is down to 3 weeks left in the semester too. But I have hardly drawn for pleasure in a while,hardly done stuff for myself between various DRAW! mag projects, inking and teaching. Some days I scribble before inking to warm up,drawing directly with the pen or brush like 'automatic writing". I never know what I will draw... the scrappies as I call them are below.

Bigger version here.

The fox doodle was colored by Bonaia my assistant.

More Cool Asain Treats

I had lunch yesterday at the Korean mall down the way..

Then I snapped these pics of some more of the cool products in the H Mart.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Asian Snacks Are Best!

The township I live in, Upper darby [once the largest in the us]is going through a major, huge cultural/population shift, a big influx of Asians,[Vietnamese, laotian, chinese, Koreans] South Americans, Pakitanis, Indians....as a result a lot of new asians businesses have opened culminating in the recent opening of a new Korean mall. It's mostly Koreans opening the business' here, taking over from the Greeks and regular old white established, or abandoned business who have been moving out of UD since the mid 80's.

The best thing is the new H Mart which opened with great prices, great asian foods, good veggies, fresh fish and meats, all much better and cheaper than any other market in the area. Another plus is the cool asian snacks, a whole isle full, plus more scattered through the store. I love this place!

Here are a few snacks I bought on the shopping trip yesterday. I love the design, caligraphy and creative packaging on so many products in the store, I think they are more often superior designs, so much more colorful and fun that packaging on products I see in the local Acme or Superfresh.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chickenbone City

Wilmington Delaware is now know as Chickenbone City, USA. Forget the poverty, the blight, the banks and corporate headquarters, no, for get them all. Everywhere I walk in the city you find chickenbones on the streets and sidewalk. Like some Johnny Appelseed, or Johnny Chicken leg walked the streets throwing drumsticks and tighs, wings and breats from his bag. It seems to be increasing of late as well. Maybe there is a chickenbone tree in bloom somewhere, the chicken bones are returning to spawn.

Are the bones coming for you?!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

DRAW! 12 Now Shipping!!

Finally it's here! DRAW!12--Winter 2006 - 88 Pages with Color Section

Eisner Award-nominated DRAW! Magazine
returns for its 12th smash issue, as editor Mike Manley once again gathers step-by-step drawing and tutorial info from some of comics’ and animation’s best and most cutting-edge artists! This issue features a candid interview with Harvey Award winner Kyle Baker (Plastic Man, Nat Turner, The Truth) that reveals Baker’s working methods and step-by-step process on merging his traditional and digital work and his plunge into self publishing. Then, from Hysteria and Indy comics to Machine Teen and Marvel, we chat with up-and-coming superstar Mike Hawthorne about how he produces his groundbreaking work. Then, it’s the next installment of “Comic Art Boot Camp,” this time on Making Perspective Work For You, by Bret Blevins and Mike Manley, offering insights for amateurs and pros alike! Plus, we’ve got Photoshop techniques with Alberto ( Dr. Cyberfunken) Ruiz, Adult Swim’s the Venture Brothers, and more!

It will be in stores next Wednesday!

Draw! Nominated for Eisner Award

Draw! has recieved it's second Eisner Nomination.

Best Comics-Related Periodical
Comic Art, edited by M. Todd Hignite (Comic Art)
Comic Book Artist, edited by Jon Cooke (Top Shelf)
The Comics Journal, edited by Gary Groth and Dirk Deppey (Fantagraphics)
Draw!, edited by Michael Manley (TwoMorrows)
Following Cerebus, edited by Craig Miller and John Thorne (Aardvark-Vanaheim/Win-Mill Productions)

The awards will be given out at this years San Diego Comic-con.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring Break is over..

Last week was Spring Break at school, though there was no break for me, I spent that week jamming out inks on the last of Fear Agent #4, and starting my issue in full of the Ninja Turtles I am penciling and inking.

But before the break was done I had a little get together with some of my current and former students, a little DCAD Cartoonist party. Well it was a fun time and i got to play coach and teacher as each student brought along what they were currently working on. It was Pizza and coke long into the night.
Pizza, coke, fuel for the art madness!

Claire working on some sketches of her character for school

Tired pirate teacher

Thomas works on one of my homework assignments as I hover, whip ready!

On top of the Turtles I have also started inking Spider-man over Mike Wieringo's pencils, which should be a fun blast to ink. Mike is really a fantastic artist, one I think is a bit underappreciated today in the current "phototracer" climate of most of today's mainstream comics.

So this spring will be busy right into the summer. But I look forward to getting all my projects and side projects done and to classes being dome as well on the 9th of may, though I will really miss this class of animators.