Friday, December 12, 2014

Busy End Of The Year

I haven't posted much here the past month but that's not because I am not doing anything or lounging around-no sir! The end of 1014 is going out in a blaze of work! I am deep into my two issue Convergence for DC on the  Justice league Blood Moon story arc, but I can't show you all any of that yet, not till DC says its OK for me to do so. I am also still churning on the Judge, and you can see the pencils for the latest Sunday above.

I am also getting ready for our group show with the PPAP next month down at the Newark Arts Alliance.
I still have a few things I want to finish for the show and the card is on its way to the printer. I just finished my last week of teaching for the semester in the After School Program. Good luck to my former student Emily who I have been teaching for four years now as she has been accepted and moved to Pasadena to attend Art Center!
                                                                  Good Luck Emily!

Its a great bunch of young artists i get to teach each week and in just a few months its amazing how far some can develop. And of course I am working on the next issue of DRAW! as well--so no time for eggnog here!