Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Dells and Scott Noel's Studio

I did this painting yesterday afternoon in my studio after coming back from Scott Noel's studio in the morning. he had several students from his class over to his studio in Manayunk. it was a great morning and very inspirational, very revealing as well. Scott is a firebrand type, he's like a preacher fired up to give you the best sermon from the pulpit you've ever heard, and he always gets me fired up and inspired. I also think seeing an artist's studio is like seeing them in the raw, in the buff, it reveals them to you in many ways. Scott's studio is almost alarmingly spartan in set up and decor. There is no show off lushness, no rich carpets, not a lot of toys or trinkets, now even a lot of books.

Its clear Scott's is there to work, not to hang out or socialize, not that obviously he isn't a passionate caring and sharing person. But he's serious and you feel that when you walk in, his two studio rooms are chocked full of his work, pastels and paintings line the walls, you are as radiated by the power and aura of his work as you are from the sunlight shining down from the skylights.
Here is Scott's palette and set-up. He likes to mix large quantities of paints, he even has one palette knife he's used for almost 30 years!
Scott and Me.

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