Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vincent Desiderio Workshop-Day 1

This weekend I am once again taking one of the twice yearly workshops that Vincent Desierdio gives at PAFA. this time around I am one of the monitors, which is good and bad, bad in that I get less time painting, but good in that I get more time with Vince.
Vince is a great dynamic guy and artist and once again we started out with charcoal drawings that we sealed with amber shellac. Once we did that Vince gave his demo, showing how to mix optical grays and he then spent time going around to each student's work as they progressed.

During the lunch break I brought up one of the laptops with a projector and we all watched The Mona Lisa Curse by art critic Robert Hughes. Vince really wanted us young painters to see this film and it lead to an very impassioned discussion by Vince. It was a great but very sobering view on the current art market, something my DPC buddies have been discussing of late as well.

Here Vince gave his demo using one of the student's prepped drawings.

Alina waiting for her drawing to dry after applying the shellac.
Here is my drawing freshly shellacked, I drew on a sheet of rives BKF taped to a piece of heavy foam core.
I just started in on my painting when the timer went off for the last pose. Tomorrow is the second day of the workshop and i hope to really get in there and get to painting and I'll post a final follow-up on the workshop.

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Vincenzo said...

Awesome...and thank you for sharing the link to the Hughes video, excellent!