Friday, February 04, 2011


This was the second full week of school and i ended up missing the Monday classes due to freelance deadlines, but I tried to make up the lost painting time towards the end of the week.

My buddy Dave Golas came in Thursday and so Dave and Will (Who took over Dave's old spot in the gang studio) and I had a mini-Dirty Palette Club meeting. Will set up a still life and we all painted away. U made this a one-shot and its on a Masonite panel.
This painting I did also in one-shot for my Monday Drawing class with Mike Gallagher. This week's assignment was to use different media and surfaces, or non-traditional media. I choose to do this painting with Rustoleum on card board. I used three colors, red, black and white and a little china marker. its 24 x 36 on corrugated cardboard which they sell at the school.I decided to try the Rustolem after Vincent Desiderio recommended I try it the last time he gave a demo at school. It was like painting with house paint in some places and slid around on the cardboard which wasn't very absorbent, I blocked the drawing in with some vine charcoal and then just went at it, but the good thing is the Rustoleum dries fairly quick and tacks up fast. it does have a slight gloss to it as you cake it one and start to build up the paint. the subject is an old factory in North Philly I shot pictures of when Bill Wray and his Buddy Tony Peter's came to town a few years back. Who could resist painting such a subject?

I have another sheet of cardboard so I might try another painting this week with the Rustleum.


william wray said...

I'm liking both Mike.

Mike Manley said...

Thanks Bill

R. Gabriel said...

oaw..very nice :D
i like the colors game