Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Comic Process: Dr. Solar

While cleaning up and going through some files I cam came across these pages from my run on Solar back in my valiant days. I had fun on this book and think the inks by Bob Wiacek were great, I loved having him ink my work. I think tis is a great example of what an inker contributes and how much they can add to a page.


Unknown said...

Bob Wiacek has always been one of my favorite inkers. He always improves the art without over powering it!I love seeing pages like this, as an aspiring inker/artist i learn a lot from looking at how an inker handled certain aspects of the pencils! Thanks for posting these.

All my best!

Mike Manley said...

You're welcome Frank! I think that is one of the major goals of inking to enhance without overpowering the pencils.