Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Painting Up Hill

 I just completed this painting entitled, Up Hill last night in the studio.  It's 12 x 16 on on a cradled panel from Dick Blick that has a kind of textured surface that was fun to paint on. Below tou can see my first blick-in that I let sit for a day while I I mostly used flast on this a finished this week's worth of Judge parker strips.

I mostly used flats on this to block it in then a red sable and a Kafka No 2 pin striping brush for the rest. I love the Kafka brushes in general and use them a lot because they are great for pulling a line and hold their shape as well as a lot of paint. I love painting this time of day where you get the cool and warms colors mixing into each other. This is coming up the hill to the terminal at 69th street and based on a pic I snapped driving home one day from school a year or so ago.

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