Saturday, October 03, 2015

Judge Parker Process and Inktober Starts

 Here is the latest Judge Parker Sundays strip in the pencils and inks phases for the start of November, It certainly feels like November instead of October this Saturday with the Nor' easter and Hurricane off the coast blowing a cold, damp and gusty breeze and rain against my studio window. I guess its time to take the air conditioner out of the window for the season.
 This is a rest week strip as I call it, a strip that straddles sections of the long-arc stories Woody writes that might take a year or more at times to wrap up. We are now set to deal with what I assume will be the Neddy and Sophie story lines dealing with the new business and the romantic entanglements booth Spencer Girls are going to be dealing with. Neddy with hank and the biz and Sophie with Derek, who was last in the strip in 2011 with a storyline about guitar lessons and seduction.

That's four  years ago in our time but not a year yet in JP strip time as Sophie hasn't changed grades yet, gone to a dance or anything else---even a band practice or cheerleader practice nor celebrated a birthday. So for me its still 2010 strip time and I figure still spring? I know there are lots of "give mes" in comic strips, especially this strip. However many of the old classic strips did pay attention to the seasons like On Stage or Juliet Jones. I like drawing winter scenes but haven't had a chance except for one Christmas strip. So the spiky hair of Justin Bieber circa 2011 will still be in.

My art has also progressed in style and comfort on the strip in that time, though my deadlines are still pretty tight. But that's the life of a strip cartoonist!

I have also started to participate again in the Inktober Drawing fest started by Jeff Parker last year. here is my first doodle done last night while watching Bill Maher. Don't know if i can do 30 drawings but i will do as many as my schedule allows.


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