Tuesday, April 12, 2005

South Philly Style

Like I said in earlier posts my brother Marc was visiting this week in Philly, so all three Manley brothers were once again united. Marc is shooting pics of my other brother Dave and his band, so we went to South Philly to pick up some more film for his camera after we had a nice lunch with John (Major Bummer, BPRD) Arcudi who also lives in Philly. It was a great day so I snapped some picks while driving along in the most colorful part of the city, South Philly, along Washington Ave where the South philly Italian Market meets and blends into East and Southwest with a large asian community, mostly Vietnamese (one of the largest communities in the US), Mexicans and central Americans too. A mexican resturant one corner, the next Vietnamese or Italian. A great place to visit and eat!


bustedacres said...

what's the story on that "everything sold as is; we back our president. . ." place? It looks like the rest of the sign says something like "We Back Our President--You Don't Like It Here, Go To Your Own Country" or something. . .? Can you tell?

And then the whole place looks like it's covered in protective plastic. Seems like there's a story there. . .fairly hostile place based on those two signs, it seems.

Do you know anything about it?

bustedacres said...

AND. . .today the Year One book comes out with all the supplementary stuff. I couldn't be more excited about that. Even this much later, Batman Year One is probably my favorite superhero comic story. And I love David Mazzucchelli's artwork.

Mike Manley said...

That sign was on the back wall of an empty stall in the Italian Market. It was posted on the wall, I guess to let all the new immigrants or liberals know where to stick it?

I didn't notice the sign till I downloaded the pics off of my camera when I retuned home. This was enlarged from the pic and clipped, that's why the detail is a bit fuzzy, it's blown up several hundred precent.

I think Year One is Miller at his best, except for making Catwoman a whore. That I think sucks eggs. He's a great storyteller specially when working with such a good artist.


Elliot Cowan said...

Gday mate.
I've just linked my site to yours if that's ok with you.
I've enjoyed my visit here very much indeed.

Jill said...

Totally off topic but i wasn't sure where to email you. Congratulations on the Eisner nomination for Draw. It is very well deserved!! i wish you the best of luck and hope you win.


Mike Manley said...

Thanks Jill...fingers crossed. :-)

Forbodius Pit said...

We back out President? Right..., well, it's good to know that such patriotism is well and alive. I think I'll go purge now. Cheers.


South Park Junkie said...

That sign reminds me of something I heard someone say on the radio once. "We should take a cue from Governor McGreevy and get behind our president!" LoL