Thursday, April 14, 2005

Swimming finals

I'm posting the final set of pics from the Adult Swim party last Saturday. Inbetween the cabaret show of singers and strippers

featuring a lady detective

and her pet monkey


The Venture Brothers dancers featuring DR. Girlfriend

Dr. Venture

The Monarch

A drinking contest

A mermaid who sang a song about wanting a vagina

More Superfriend action!

After all this, plus airing of new episodes of Tom Goes to the Mayor, Venture Brothers and Sealab 2021 I headed back out into the cool Philly night and home to dream of strippers and their pet monkeys.

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Hubbibi13 said...

Hi there! I was just curious if I could post your pictures on my web page.

Can you please email me at: To let me know if it's okay to post them!
Thank you! The pictures are awesome and your so lucky you got to go!