Thursday, November 29, 2007

I've got a Thing for you.

It seems I haven't posted any comic related drawings on the blog for a little while now. I have been doing lots of storyboards but not much in reguards to comics...howvere I am in the midst of working on a new X-9 story and I'll post some from that soon. In the meantime here is a commission I just finished for a nice fella named Mike who's opening up a new comic store called Little Fish Comics I believe, down in Virginia. I've owed Mike this drawing since Baltimore con a few months back and he was nice and patient so I went a little further than I normally do for a con sketch. Patience is rewarded.


Gary said...

Hi Mike,
Great drawing, please post more when you can!

Can you be more specific about the class you will be teaching at the
NY Academy in the spring?
Will this be just anatomy (life drawing) or will there be storytelling
techniques being taught as well? Also, for the anatomy, will this be "serious" Bridgeman-type life drawing or more towards cartooning/comic-book minimalism? (which I am looking for).

Thank you for your time,
Gary Esposito

Mike Thompson said...

Love Benjy's blissful expression. Great illustration.

Mike Manley said...

gary, the class will focus on anatomy and on how both illustrators and animators need to be able to simplfy it and to also push it. We'll be working from models and we'll explore cartoon style as well as more naturalistic approaches too. read more here

Gary said...

Thank you Mike,
See you then.
Have a great holiday season!

Gary Esposito