Friday, November 30, 2007

X-9 Round 2

I am in the midst of working on the second Secret Agent Corrigan story for King Features. This will once again be printed overseas in Scandinavia like the last story was. I hope at some point they will be reprinted here in the US.


Alan said...

Been loving the life-drawing etc, but great to see some comic art again. This is a great page: excellent panel compositions - dynamic movement and beautiful use of black. Really old school, too, in keeping with the strip: The rendering of the suits, ala Alex Raymond et al. A pleasure

Mike Manley said...

THANKS Alan. I have my source material out and around to keep me in the vibe. I not only have Al's stuff, but John Prentice who Williamson assisted and really honed his chops with. Prentice took over Rip Kirby after Raymond was killed driving Stan Drake's car. I think the life drawing has helped too, it's making me looser.

Cyril said...

Hi Mike,
Can't wait to see Corrigan back again, also Al Williamson - Archie Goodwin team's Complete Corrigan Vol. 1 is being released (July 2010). Are you part of the team? I guess you are working on the completely new series :) The clip on your site looks fantastic! Best wishes.