Wednesday, May 21, 2008

QUASAR 10 Part 3

Two more pages today from issue 10. And I can see something on page 5 that showed how cinematically I was thinking back then. The 3rd pannel on this page is a shot of the water racing past, next we pull out to a medium establishing shot of Quasar surfing the tube. The 3rd panel is like a film transition and shows how well we can borrow these techniques from film and apply them to comics at times. This is another way of dealing with "time" which both comics and film are chiefly about; the arrangement of events or actions in a sequence to tell a story. I always see the story play out in my mind like I am watching a movie, even when I am drawing comics. 10 years later after drawing the Q-man I would have moved over from comics into working in animation as a storyboard artist. I think the way I worked in comics naturally made my transition into film a logical fit.

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