Sunday, April 25, 2010

Susan MacDowell Eakins--final

Here is the final painting--or I should say the state of the painting as I left it when the clock signaled the end if the session and the two-day competition.

Congrats to the winners. It was a mad rush it seemed but thems the breaks at the end. We got free pizza as the judges Carolyn Pyfrom and Peter Van Dyke went in and choose the winners and honorable mentions. It was fun and I don't really dig what i did in the end as much, but it's way better than my painting last year. I should have changed things up more, maybe been less literal as my spot didn't have the best view of elements in the background---but I'll do this next year for sure.


Rich said...

The proportions, as always, are immaculate. I particularly like the way you have captured the plane change beneath the line of the jaw and the subtle way that you pick out the underlying musculature of the neck and torso. The work on the white ground sheet is stunning. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...
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Mike Manley said...

Thanks Rich. it was more enjoyable this year and i could feel my growth as a painter a lot more in this competition. I was happier overall but wish I had a better angle or view. Luck of the draw I guess.

Funny about that sheet and the background, that was the easiest part of the painting and went pretty quick. getting the balance between the value and chroma was what really was the fight here. Balancing that against details to put in or leave out and not kill the energy.