Saturday, April 03, 2010

Week 10 Spring 2010 --4 weeks to go!

I thought I'd post a few things that are done and are being worked on at school.

This is a painting underway or rather was underway in my Life Painting class. I have some pics of the models so I can still work on it. I have taken it further than I have here.
This is a drawing I've been working on in my Life Drawing class, I posted an earlier version of it, I still have a ways to go with it. There are just 4 short weeks left now till school is out for the summer break, and one crit week, which really means there is not much going on for me, though all the 3rd and 4th year students as well as the 2nd year MFA students will be stressed for their wall in the ASE (Annual Student Exhibition). next year this time I'll get to show my work and have my wall. I look forward to it.

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