Thursday, March 10, 2011

Secret Saturdays Children's Book

While dragging files off the computer for back-up I cam across these pencils from a children's book I did almost two summers ago for the Secret Saturdays line Random House was putting out. Along with a few artist from the show, including the director we did 3-4 books featuring the Saturday Clan. It's too bad the show seemed to get an early demise due to regime change and so-so sales of the toys, it was also the heart of the bad economy too, so I always wonder if that hurst TV shows when rating or sale of sponsor's products or licensing doesn't reap huge profits. Those things can have a direct impact on your pocketbook as a cartoonist or artist working on a project that suddenly gets the stink-eye, or the shit-can of non renewal. I enjoyed boarding on the show as it was like boarding a sort of "Johnny Quest" of 2009.


Ron Fortier said...

Mike, as a lover of cartoons, I particularly enjoyed the Secret Saturdays a great deal and looked forward to it every week. When it was suddenly gone, it really surprised and saddened me as well.
It did remind me a great deal of the classic Quest show.

SNeelyArt said...

If these are from a few summers ago and you are now backing them up, I hope you back up your stuff more often. :) I back up anything new I have every night and then every two-three weeks onto my 2 back up drives. But I could be paranoid...

Nice layouts though as we must deal with the dreaded 'center' of the book where no important info must lie

Mike Manley said...

Ron, yes it had the Quest feel to adgree, but the animation biz is crazy like that and many times things get screwed up.

Scott, I do back up frequently, these were backed up but i came across files on the laptop while cleaning.

the gutter is always an issue but it wasn't that hard to deal with here.