Sunday, June 05, 2011

Judge Parker

Can she hang on?!


Neil said...

Hey Mike,
Just want to thank you man your an inspiration and everytime I feel myself in an artistic slump I watch your how to create comics on dvd and I get juiced and pumped again.. Thank you my friend for being an inspiration and for allowing me my dream of enjoying drawing if for nothing else than my own enjoyment. HOpe to see you at a con soon.
NEIL Jorge

Mike Manley said...

Wow, thanks Neil! Believe me, we all hit slumps. I find that when I hit a low the drawing skills really help when the muse is not in the studio. I call it "drawing by instruments", the same way a pilot must be able to fly by his instruments when he can't clearly see ahead.

I never have artist block, but there are days when you just get tired or want to be doing something else. Fortunately for me my low days are few and I just force myself to work through them--like having a leg cramp.

And to your other point--its should all be for your enjoyment--mixing love and commercial art can be tough--but i try and keep it a happy romance.

I might cruse the Baltimore con for a day, but otherwise i have no cons planned for the next year or so, I am spending all my time away from cartooning painting.