Friday, May 27, 2005

Lime Time

Things have been very busy here in the studio both with work and personal issues. I started my 8 week painting class last nite at DCAD where I teach. last night's exercise was to paint a still life with a palette knife and mix the colors on the palette. The still life was set up to have a yellow, blue and green backdrop and a lime. It's harder than you think to match colors, and the palette knife takes some skill as well, the ideas was to paint the entire thing in 9 tones max, without modeling the form...we had about 2 hours to do it. It was fun, I had to do a lot of remixing on the palette to get everything right.

It was fun. I also did a job for the CDC last week which I can't post, and my assiatant Bonia and I continue to tone the Ninja Turtles jobs, and Philly Wizard World con is a week away!

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