Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars Frenzy

The world is in the grip of the Force today, and I've succum to it as well. While the pervious enstallments of SW have been really uneven with too many CGI battles adn lack luster acting Lucas has me stoked. It's not often the fan-boy in me comes out anymore. Too old and too many times dissapointed...and perhaps I will be again. I still remember how disapointed i was with the absolute mess the Matrix became. i was a Star wars fan with teh first movie, skipping school at 15 years old to see it's first show at the Biarwood mall in Ann Arbor. I saw it over 20 times in it's first run in the movies between the drive-in and mall. I still remember my dad falling asleep during the Death Star trench scene!

I've been wanting to see this chapetr even since I read about it in Steranko's Media Scene some 25 years ago, darth getting pushed into the lava etc.

It still speaks to the power of Lucas' creation that despie his lackluster delivery since Empire, ( FUCK EWOKS!) coupled with the supernova overexposure that all the promotion creates, so many people world wide as so jonez'n to see this baby.

My prediction is he will return again to this universe, and on the big screen, maybe 10-15 years from now, after the TV shows and other spin-offs.


South Park Junkie said...

I was never a big Star Wars fan before, but the movies are starting to sound interesting. I went to some Star Wars sites and read up on some of the characters and was thinking about going to see Episode III one of these days. BTW, when you skipped school to see the first one, did you get in trouble or were you able to find an excuse for being absent that day? I'm curious.

Mike Manley said...

I used my Jedi mind powers to avoid an consequences.

Highschool and I were not friends.