Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kyle Baker Interview in DRAW! Magazine 12

This is the cover for the October issue of DRAW! Magazine by Kyle Baker who is the feature interview. I'll also be doing an article and interview on the Venture Brothers.


roque said...

Once I saw that picture you posted with Kyle Baker I knew good things were to come. He's one of the most versatile artists in comics today. My hatred runs deep for his talent...deep.

bustedacres said...

I'm always curious how much Plastic Man sells. I hope it's a success--it's a well-done book that is an alternative to the majority of DC's stuff (but still uses a DC character)--but I have no idea whether people buy it.

Do kids like it?

Lud Hughes said...

Not well enough. It got off to a great start, but sales have been dropping every month. It's currently bimonthly, but I think that's more to accomidate Kyle than to sales.

Mike Manley said...

Funny you guys typed this. Kyle said that's the number one thing people say when they see him,"Plasticman is great! Too bad it doesn't sell well."
Now Kyle says it sell well enough and that it's a comic aimed at kids, not babymen-nerds. It sell better than a lot of DC kiddie comics. That still means not a ton, but that's DC fault fo not following the proven successful formula that both Disney Adventures does as well as Nic magazine. Put it on the newstand where kids can see it. So far DC has always refused to do that.

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