Friday, June 24, 2005

Man in Hat

This is the last of the three quick figure studies I did last night in painting class.30-45 minutes each. The teacher wanted us to do four studies, but we ended up doing only three because time was short. It's harder than one thinks to paint fast. I draw fast, but drawing with a pencil isn't painting. I know the teacher picked this drill to push us past our comfort level. One can't be timid in this exercise. I can block the figure in quickly gesture wise, but then mixing the tones on the palette and balancing them against each other ( colors change when put next to each other) is hard. I ended up mixing a lot on the canvas, which worked better with the time constraints. This painting,my last attempt for the night was the best one for me. The first two were not as successful to me, though the teacher liked each one. Next week we get a figure model for one pose all class.

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