Friday, June 15, 2007

Wizard World Friday

Friday is usually the slow day at most shows, and it was a slow day today at WWP. I did a few commissions like the one posted here. i had plenty of time to walk about a bit. Artist alley is in the back of the show again this year, moved from the side it was last year. once again tables don't have any drapping, so if you don't bring any yourself your art junk is clearly visible under the table.

The show also seems smaller this year as well. Not many publishers here, Marvel and DC have small booths as does Top cow and there seems like a few less dealers as well. Some I know personally choose Heroes over Wizard this year. Attendence was a few thousand I bet and traffic was never heavy. But if saturday is big, I guess I'll do OK. One of the strangest things is walking artist alley and not knowing who a great portion of the artists are and seeing many spaces empty. I guess many feel now it's only worth doing one day, Saturday. I'll have a more in-depth report tomorrow including some pics.

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Yvon Doubey said...

Splendid !
As usual...

Well. I didn't come here for few days... And l have now many postes to reed... And, you know, my english is... hem hem... I reed very slowly...

Never mind. I like to stay here, watching what you drawn, reading what you write.