Wednesday, November 14, 2007

St. George Cast Drawing

This is a chalk drawing on black paper of St. George from the cast drawing class with Patrick Conners at PAFA. The idea is to basically draw in white chalk, doing essentially the reverse of how we usually work. Conners says that type of drawing at PAFA this was sort of a specialty back in the day. Next its another drawing cast drawing on a toned paper then a painting using white and two earth colors for the final project.


Time Waster said...

That is really different also looking foward to the Draw back to school issue.

You have a chance to try out those Chinese dip pens and brushes?

Mike Manley said...

Thanks, and yes, I have tried the ink and pens. the ink is good, better than stuff here and the pens are good too, fairly firm but give you a nice line, they are good gage of steel so I think they will last a while.

I'm still slaving away on the BTS issue of Draw....