Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Here is my first pass at the interior I am doing for Scott Noel's class, the last of the drawing assignments. I'll go at it again tomorrow night---then it's the last class and the crit on Wednesday. 22 x 30 on rives BKF.


Clint Hollingsworth said...

Hi Mike,

What medium are you using? Looks great!

Mike Manley said...

Thanks Clint, it's pastel on rives BFK paper.

Unknown said...

Hiya, this is FANTASTIC!

I'm currently doing a Degree in Interior Design and although I can copy draw very slowly! I'm useless and sketching out of my head, especially perspective. Any advice on how I can achieve sketches quickly also colour rendering - I bought some Tria Markers but can't get a smooth contrast, I seem to get lines. Any advice more than welcome : )

Thanks. J