Sunday, August 28, 2011

Drawing like the 1800's

well about 10:30 last night hurricane Irene knocked out my power--of course on a deadline...but I guess I'm always on a deadline. So out came the candles and I drew for as long as I could that way on the next week's JP strips, but I could run my computer so soon I was done after roughing out the first few strips. It does give you and idea of what drawing by candle light must have been like--and it sucked!


Bill Reinhold said...

I've done that on occasion myself. LED flashlights work good because the batteries will last all day.

Actually I think people in the old days went to sleep early and got up early for that reason. Electricity has screwed up our sleep cycles.

JB said...

Hey Mike,

How come I didn't see Judge Parker on the list of strips that are going to be commemorating 9-11 from King Features. Alan Gardner at the "Daily Cartoonist" posted a link.

I saw Mary Worth, Mark Trail and Apartment 3-G, but no Judge Parker or Rex Morgan. Oversight on his part, perhaps? Or did Woody and you decline?