Wednesday, March 30, 2005

DRAW! 10 in stores today!

DRAW! MAGAZINE 10 ships into stores today!


Corbett Vanoni said...

Man - I thought I was goin' nuts.
I kept checking and not finding it. And any of a number of Tower Records employees would reply with a moody, "Um. . .I think, like. .we don't carry it anymore. Or something."

Time to subscribe!

– Corbett

South Park Junkie said...

What kind of Magazine is Draw anyway? I've never heard of it before. I'm not really a big fan of comics, except for the ones in the newspaper and MAD of course. You can never go wrong with MAD.

Mike Manley said...

Vanoni, It may arrive late in Tower, I have no idea how they handel their mags, but they do carry Draw! But the morons working in most tower records I visit couldn't find the new Fiddy Cent album or the Beatles. They often look like they need thier next heroin fix.

SPJ, Draw! is a magazine that interviews top artists in the fileds of comics and animation and shows how they work, their creative process.

I'm interested to hear which comics you like in the newspaper and of course what you like in Mad as well. I had many copies of Mad confiscated in school by teachers becsue I would read it in class.

And look what happened...I became an artist!

Paul McDonald said...

Great cover!

bustedacres said...

Hey Mike--Draw! is great as always. The very, very hands-on info in the lettering section is really helpful.

This particular issue is really useful to me for another reason--I'm just about to start drawing (and writing, and lettering. . .) a little weekly comic thing that I'll post in my blog, and the idea is that every Friday, I'll publish one page, like a Sunday strip. So the Graham Nolan business about working on a strip is really interesting to me (and it's good to read before I get attached to the idea of working in the strip medium!).

Hopefully I'll have the first strip ready for next Friday.

Thanks for a great book as always, and I can't wait for the Steve Rude issue!