Friday, March 25, 2005

Primavera Terra

The Brandywine Creek slowly sloshes down to the Delaware, swollen and drunk with the spring rains and winter melt. It waddels past the intersections of RT 1 and RT 100 ( where I snapped this pic while lunching with a friend) across the road and next to the Brandywine River Museum, perminent home to the art of the Wyeths, Howard Pyle and other painters from Delaware and Philadelphia area. You could smell the moist earth opening and releasing it's winter kept moisture into the air. Spring is here, and I can't wait.

 Being from Michigan I am used to old man Winter's harsh backhand, but frankly, even though his sting here in Philly is generally milder, I am tired of his antics after the first snowfall. White Christmas and then begone! I long for palm trees of San diego and Arizona, the kiss of the sun on my left arm hanging on the car door as I drive, B-B-Q's, girls in summer dresses and tank tops, the summer con season and my usual southwest vacation afterwards. If this year is like most here, spring will be about 4 weeks until the 80+ degree weather cooks up the area fast.


bustedacres said...

I know how you feel, except I'm in the reverse. I grew up in Nashville, where it rains once a week or so, and we get a little snow each winter (not much, but a bit).

I lived in LA for five years in the late 90s, early 2000s, and the constant sun drove me nuts. So when I moved up here to Seattle, where I am now and intend to stay, I was excited about the promise of "bad" weather.

Imagine my surprise that Seattle is not particularly rainy and it doesn't really snow here. Some good dramatic weather is only a thirty-minute drive away, but still. . .

And I greatly miss thunderstorms, which for some geographic reason Seattle does not have.

I'm really enjoying your blog and learning a thing or two as well.

Mike Manley said...

Busted, I like the thunderstorm too. I think I'd miss that if I lived where they don't have them. We'd get big ones in Michigan, and even here in Philly, we get a few good Boomers a year.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. It's hard for me to tell if anyone is reading it unless they post a response.

Seattle is on the 'short list" of places I want to visit very soon.


bustedacres said...

When you make it to Seattle, I'll take you out for a beer, then.

I am indeed enjoying the blog--as a matter of fact, I set up my own blog specifically so that I could respond to yours (since it doesn't allow anonymous comments), and I'm really glad I did. It has kind of jumpstarted my writing for the first time in a long while (I have a degree in playwriting), even to the point that I'm thinking about writing something kind of big at the moment.

For my part, I've always wanted to visit the Brandywine River Museum, having been a childhood Andrew Wyeth fan (I had a great fourth grade teacher who showed me "Christina's World" and explained it to me) and a teenage NC Wyeth fan. Never been to Philadelphia, though I did go to grad school in Pittsburgh, and I love that area.

Mike Manley said...

Well if you ever make it out here I'll buy you a beer and a cheessteak. Dig your blog man. Sounds like you've go some cool dogs. The drawing of Maya is great.

I'd suggest doing some auto-bio comics.

South Park Junkie said...

I've been living in Philly since I was almost 8 so I'm used to the weather but I still tend to get pissed off when it snows a little in December and then doesn't snow again for weeks. A little while before we moved to Philly, we lived in Texas and before that, we lived in Idaho where it would start snowing in mid-November and we'd get a whole assload of snow. I haven't lived in Idaho in 8 years but I still remember the fun I had going out in the snow, and it rarely ever snows like that in Philly. The only time would have been in 2003 when we got over two feet of snow around President's Day.