Saturday, March 05, 2005


I'm inking two issue of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles over Rick Remender's pencils ( Doll and Creature, Sea of Red, Strange girl and 25 other comics! This kid is on fire!! I'm just about done with the first issue. Rick has a cool way of working where he does his layouts small, scans them into his 'puter. Then he enlarges the page to proper original art size ( 10 x 15) and prints his layouts out on 2 ply bristol in non-photo blue, then tightens up his pencils over his layouts. You can see the blue on the page below.

When I ink the pages and erase the pencils the blue won't show when I scan the pages and send them to the folks at Mirage Studios.


roque said...

Talk about "on fire"! You don't QUIT, Manley!! You're single-handedly adding another blog that I have to check daily. I'm lovin' it!

Mike Manley said...

haha, Thanks Roque. I am late to the world of Blogging, which surely must mean it's passe by now :-)

But it somehow seems more immediate than the messageboard...


Rico said...

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