Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Here is the final eggplant painting, I'm so-so on it, I like parts and maybe it's just that I hate eating eggplant that gets to me?


J Gilpin said...

Therein lies the root to your anguish grasshopper.
One must form a union with that which one wishes to present in one's art. Much as the indigenous peoples believe they take on the strength and characteristic of that which they consume so too must you partake of the artistic cannibalism. What is that eggplant thinking? Is it scared? Is it happy? Does it miss it's girlfriend? Is it straitlaced or does it cross both sides of the fence?
Mike, in other words you just need a good plate of Eggplant Parmisano! Have a good day! -JG

Manuela Valenti said...
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william wray said...

I like it. You might want to soften the edges here and there next time hard edges can flatten. You know know you can paint tight, now explore the other aspects of painting.