Thursday, October 04, 2007

Slave 2

This my second pass at the Dying Slave by Michaelangelo. I have at least one more session with it.


Gannon said...


Great rendering. Is this redrawn from the first attempt of did you just rework portions of the original drawing?


J Gilpin said...

Oh Jeez!

I'd have to take a patience pill to try again on the same subject so quickly! Maybe I'm not cut out for the classic drawing instruction after all? Mike - you da man!

PS:What are doing between 10/13/07 and 10/20/07? Me and and my clan will be passing through your way on a trip to CT. Holly gets a fall break from her school. Would love to visit with you if not imposing? Also would like to get a contact for Ron we will be very close to him as we are staying in New Haven, CT. Might even take the train into NYC one day, look out Scott C., your next on my list! No, it's not a hit list...

Oppressive, yes... but still lovable?


Mike Manley said...

gannon, I reworked the drawing I had going. Sometimes I think it's really best to rework and try and fix a drawing if you can. It's a fight to be sure sometimes, you feel you've lost it, then suddenly with a few strokes of the chalk it seems it is redeamed.

Mike Manley said...

Jonathan, I say get right back on the horse! I think you have to fight for it tooth and nail at times. I don't believe in backing down, where would that get me? I feel in order for me to get where I want to get as an artist I really have to be harsh and cruel with myself, brutally honest as well, otherwise I won't improve. I'm not saying it's easy either. I hate to fail, but I hate more to give in to a bad drawing.

As far as the rest of your post contact me off the blog.