Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Male Figure Studies

I have been super busy as usual between school and freelance, but here are
some recent pieces from school, my weekly fruit or vegtable painting and
the last two figure paintings from the same class, Doug Martenson's Life
Painting. Man, time in these classes goes by so fast, after the crit and
set-up we have maybe 90 minutes it seems, maybe four 20 minute sessions
with the models...mix up the imprematura, block in the figure, then that
session is done, he comes back and we race to mash on some color.

I feel I get a bit better and faster every week, a bit looser, though I
feel frustrated as I am always rushing so much. However it's good
exercise. Next week we get to have 2 week poses which will be great.
the onion by far was the hardest of all the veggie paintings due to the
translucent quality of the skin. This was choosen by Doug because it's
very similar to the colors we get with human skin.


Alan said...

Yeah, "long time user, first time caller" - from the UK. Just wanted to say I love this site. I check in regularly: your passion and versatility is great to visit and get a dose of every once in a while (that goes for you and Echo - you lucky guy).

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