Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This is my first woodcut from my intro to printmaking class with Dan Miller who is an amazing print maker. His woodcuts are just fantastic, sometimes these large, amazing 2-3 color editions of swirling lines, sometimes he lets the grain of the board act as part of the art itself.

This woodcut, my first is based on a picture of this old begger lady I saw on my trip to China last summer. I have another woodcut planned this time and have amuch better idea of the fidelity I can attain with the tools. This is a snap of one of my frist test prints, I did a final edition of four prints that are hanging to dry now.


Jamar said...

OOH! Gimmie!

Looks great Mike. I loved printmaking back at UArts. I didn't love a lot.

CCG Coordinator said...

Sign me up for one too if the cost isn't too great! Before I read your description I was going to guess that this was an Eskimo woman. Nice work! Man, they are MULTI-DISCIPLINING you all BIG TIME!
OK, now I'm back to being jealous!!
Best, -JG

Mike Hawthorne said...

Damn Mike! Yeah, I'd love one myself. I also loved printmaking back in school, and have been looking for an excuse to do it again.