Monday, March 15, 2010

And So It Begins

Today officially begins my run as the new artist on Judge Parker, here is my first strip. I'm trying to build several weeks ahead on the schedule now. The writer Woody Wilson, editor Brendan Burford and the entire King-Hearst staff been so helpful and welcoming to me in these first hectic weeks and my best wishes go out to Edwardo for his recovery and health, he set a high water mark on the strip, really revitalizing it visually.

I know many people are anxious to see what I'll do on the strip, me too! As the weeks have passed I feel more and more confident and comfortable with the cast, pace and style--and look forward myself to what I hope will be a nice long run.

****UPDATE*** There is a nice interview with me in the Washington Post's Comic Riffss column about taking over the strip.


JG O'Donoghue said...

Nice artwork man, very classical comics

Unknown said...

JP has a pace?

Good start, it is always an anxious time for us who read the strip when there is a **shudder** change.

JB said...

Very good start, Mike.

And, nice write up at the Washington Post with Michael Cavna:

I liked your comment about Neal Adams then Jack Davis. So, true.

I have seen the first two weeks and it looks like you settling in with it with everyday. Looking forward to how you draw the ladies of JP.

Best wishes to you with the Judge.

Don Hudson said...

Excellent art and great reviews! Well deserved and congrats!

Unknown said...

I like what I am seeing so far Mr. Manley.

I believe you said you would be blogging or writing about what it was like transitioning into Judge Parker and taking it over. That will be very interesting. Will that be here at your blog or in the Draw! magazine?

But, good job, so far, two days!!!

Mike Manley said...

Mike Canva did a great job on my interview, and he had to edit that down as i know i can be a bit long winded while working...

Thanks everyone for the compliments and well wishes, only the second daily up today--oh the anticipation!!!

Just finishing the 5th Sunday and will be moving into week 6, lots of juggling in the studio these days between clearing out old freelance and my recent Robin Hood cover illo.

I will say that the weeks get better as we go and I feel more comfortable about what I'm doing on the strip.

Randy @ WCG Comics said...

I don't know how you find time for everything you do!

Unknown said...


Nice work. Looks good. When does your first Sunday strip go to "print", 3/21, 3/28 or 4/4?

Silvio Spotti said...
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Silvio Spotti said...

Is really nice stuff as aways.
Will you post all of it?
Will you post pencils,on it so we can see the process?

Ted Dawson said...

Hey, it looks pretty darn good. I bet it looks even better in black and white.

I know I'm offering unsolicited advice and apologize in advance, but with the size of comic strips nowadays, I might suggest increasing the font size and leading a bit.


Mike Manley said...

Randy, the secret formula for doing a lot of work is simple--sit in the chair and draw 16-18 hours some days and cut back on sleep.

Silvio, after the fact I will post some process stuff down the road a spell.

Ted, whatever changes i make will be gradual and based on what I see from reproduction and also the feedback i get from the syndicate and Woody the writer. The bigger the lettering the smaller the art and that effects the quality of the drawing.

Steve said...


Liking what I am seeing to date.

If I may, the lettering is much different than Barreto's font. And, it may need to match the balloons a bit better. It seems like you could shrink the balloon and not sacrifice the artwork, imho. Also, didn't Barreto do a "re-cap" box on Mondays that indicated what had been going on, since some papers don't run the Sunday comic in the paper? I noticed that was missing this past Monday.

Otherwise, TOTALLY digging what you are doing with Judge Parker and I am looking forward to how you evolve the strip into your own.

Mike Manley said...

I found the font that Barreto was using and so I'm using it now. When I got the gig it was hit the ground running and I had to go with what I had. I literally had a few days to get the first batch in and that included do research. Its going to be lots of little things and changes over the next weeks as I get the strip where I'd like it to be for me. The lettering always varied a bit as did the balloons but eventually Eduardo found his groove.