Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall Semester 2010 week 12

Just wrapped up my 12th week of the semester so there are just three more to go and then its the winter break. The portrait above is the last one we are doing in the class with Kerry Dunn I am taking at Studio Incamminati. This was the second sitting, the first week I wiped out the block-in three times, I was so wiped myself by the end of the day I just didn't like what I had done. Now I get three more weeks with it to see where I can take it.
In Bruce Samuleson's class I decided to try something different this time by fracturing the figure. Honestly I don't know how this is going to go, but I figured why not challenge myself and see if I can do something different. If I don't like it--oh well, I can just chalk it up to progress. I am not a big fan of abstract painting or much modern art, but I also didn't just want to paint a person standing there and Bruce really encourages the student to use the model as a point of departure.
This is the start of the last drawing I will do in Pat Traubs class, its a red pencil, sanguine and white on Rives BFK. I will slowly inch my way across this still life over the last few weeks of class.
This is the last set-up in my class with Scott Noel, I just got most of my block-in this week as I always have to cut the class early to teach, next week I hope to really get some more thick paint on this thing. Scott has been talking a lot about Sickert and Valazque in class, as well as Orpen. He's really urging me to go thicker with the paint and to move quicker.

I have missed too many classes due to freelance and maintenance men in the last 2 weeks, Between my heater being busted and waiting for them to take 4 trips to fix it and for the water company to take 2 trips to replace a water meter it seems like I missed 2 weeks of school. The next big thing is to build my big canvas for my big painting, and I mean big, 48 x 85. I will do that this weekend. I'm also burning the midnight oil on Judge Parker and Magnus and Draw! 20.

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CCG Coordinator said...

Thanks for stopping to chat back in Altoona! You are an amazing mult-tasker. But it seems that even you can feel a little torn apart between all those conflicting responsibilities? Hope the home front is now stable at least and you can even get a little rest in over the holidays. Early Happy Thanksgiving!
Best wishes,