Sunday, November 07, 2010

judge Parker

Here is this week's JP Sunday and the first one where I got to draw the original Judge.


CC said...


Love the look of the strip and most especially how you drew the Judge in TODAY's strip (November 9,2010). Panel one is also a great look, in how you drew Sam Driver. GREAT!!

Mike Manley said...


Unknown said...

Yes, the 11/9 strip yesterday caught my eye as well. The way it was drawn, as noted in panel 1 was reminiscient of the serial strips of days gone by. And, Judge Parker in panel strip reflected how he should look (at around 60 years old, even in comic strip years). Now, sex up the girls/ladies in the strip and you are in the money.

Bink MMX said...

MIke--Beautiful work. You have really hit your stride with the strip--looks extremely confident, and justifiably so, given the level of draftsmanship. It is interesting to look back on Eduardo's masterful stint and see how, after dialing gracefully back on the LeDoux style, before long he was slo-o-owly ratcheting up the sex appeal--til it became along with design and draftsmanship, one of the strip's chief visual joys.

Dennis has spoken: Sexy it up. Seconded!


Unknown said...

John...exactly. One of Barreto's finest moments was this:

And, this:

And, the stripper and the sexy cop: