Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week-11 Fall Semester--Baby Skull!

This week was really a short one for me at school, I ended up missing two classes because I had to wait at home for my furnace to be repaired and it took 3 separate visits for the service guy to finally figure out that the transformer needed to be replaced. You know how it goes, you wait alllll day for them to show up.

So I missed a crit and two classes this week and tomorrow I teach. I have really just a month left to try and catch up on both school and freelance. The sketch above was done in my class on Monday with Pat Traub. Its of a real baby, or toddler's skull and an acorn or something like that. This was to plan out the final drawing I have to do for class. its less than 5 x 7 and in white charcoal and sanguine and red pencil.