Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday

BLARG! Not being religious and certainly not a christain after 9 years of catholic school as a non-catholic [though I am spritual in some reguards] Easter stopped having any meaning after being a little kid and the chocolate and egg dying days were past me. And even as a kid I always thought it was a boring holiday. No cool Christmas special, No Santa, heat Mieser, Winter Wizard or Bumble. No cool ghouls and monsters, fucking Frankenstien fer christ's sake like Halloween, and Halloween even has way better candy, if you bite something it bleeds! And halloween has candy corn! Friggin teeth rotting candy corn!

Easter has no "coolness to it". Jezuzz isn't cool, sorry, we all know it. Not like the gods of old, with cool animal heads and lightning bolts. Nope, just a robe, not even a magic hammer. Nope, a robe. Face it the party is over, the ship has sailed. You can eat meat again, masturbate and do all the things you denied yerself durning lent. How silly really. A tough god would smite off yer prick if he wanted you to give up humiliating your Iraqie prisioner for 40 days. Set a fucking exampe he would.

Easter is "gay", the "gay" my students call things when they find them dumb..., just fuck'n Bunnies and dead rising Lords. Funny, Easter seems the "gayest" of all holidays with fruity little chicks and bunnies, chocolate and dyed eggs. A rainbow of colors! A holiday for 9 year old girls. Oh how cute, soft and cuddley. Big he-man war monger christians should shun such a gay holiday...there is no olive drab or a strong red, no enemy confusing's almost as gay as "gay Disneyland day". No, no...Jezuzzz wouldn't approve at all. This is all too Christopher Lowell! " Jezuzz here big G, One to beam up . Too don't ask don't tell for me."



South Park Junkie said...

It's interesting that should point out just how gay Easter is. I always remember hearing that homosexuality is considered to be a sin in the Bible. At least the good thing is that Lent is over so I can do all the stuff I couldn't do for the past 40 days. Wheeee! *lights a joint and turns up the stereo*

P.S. Do you remember me? I met you once at the Taylors' Christmas party a few months ago, and you gave my brother and I a card with your site's name on it.

Mike Manley said...

SPJ, Ah, hahahah, yes hello, I remember you. We had a good conversation as I recall over the nice grub the taylors spread out before us. Yes, well I think many things in the bible claims are not so. In fact most things it claims are just rubbish to my thinking. If you study the history of the bible, how it was created and edited, what the world was like back then, there is a lot of interesting things left out or edited out. One needs to come to these spiritual things on their own free from the dogma. That's the only way I can see your spirituality can have any real meaning.

The only lent I have is in my pants pocket.

Process Junkie said...

May you burn in hell sinner!!!
30 thousand degrees hot and not a drop of water!!


Vito Delsante said...

Hey Manley,
You're right...I'm as spiritual as the next Christian that doesn't attend church or read the bible. It is the gay you describe...

However, rising from the dead is pretty cool.

It's like that movie Saw...I didn't see it, but my ex told me that it was boring until the last 10 minutes.

And this post makes me think if I've ever seen you and Beau Smith in the same room at the same time...the plot thickens...

Mike Manley said...

What's even more mysterious is you've never seem me and Beau Bridges in the same room at the same time!