Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Faux New Yorker Cartoon

Here is the next in the series of faux New Yorker cartoons I am doing for the local ad agency, Lunchbox. There will be 4 in the series, so now I'll color it up and start the next one.


PlanetCaravan said...

Hey Mike, where can I see your other cartoons? I' haven't been to your blog in a while. Lately I've become more interested in drawing. Right now the biggest challenge is drawing different positions. If I draw someone sitting cross-legged or holding a phone, it can take me a long time to get it right. I am getting better though. I've even done a couple of cartoons and shown them to some friends. (Although I have to be careful with that. I wouldn't want to get in trouble.)

Mike Manley said...

PV, if you scroll back through the archives you'll see the earlier versions of these cards. Drawing the figure with arms and legs crossed and foreshortend is a challenge for artist of even more advanced skill. Good to hear you are drawing, and don't worry, some people will like you art and some will not, that's just part of the way it works being an artist. It helps to develope a thick skin early :-)

PlanetCaravan said...

Believe me, I know. Whenever I show a cartoon to a friend I always make sure that they are the kind of person that shares my twisted sense of humor. Some of my stuff is a bit warped, bordering on offensive. For example, I am drawing one called "Feminist Camping Trip." Two women are sitting near a campfire. One of them holds a bra over the fire, and says, "The fire is getting weak. Let's throw in some bras."

That one is not so bad. Then there is this other cartoon that I drew about the Second Amendment. That one is kinda morbid and might not go over well with some people.

Mike Manley said...

PC, I couldn't make out the type as it was way to jpegy on my screen. But that said maybe you are a budding political cartoonist? Being a cartoonist and an artist takes courage as you are expressing opinions every time you create something, and someone is bound to be offended :-0

Maybe you can use your whit as a whip for the school paper, I did. I'll also be teaching a class in cartooning at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts this summer, maybe you'd be interested in taking the class?

Keep drawing!

PlanetCaravan said...

What do you mean by J-pegy? I know this comment screen is small. If you want to read it, just go to Type in "gruesome wordplay" and click the thumbnail. Click it again to see the full version. It should be 900×695 pixels.
The comments aren't that bad. A lot of people seem to like it even though it's sick.

Oh and BTW, where did you get the idea to do these New Yorker cartoons, anyway?