Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Riding the Blind Contour

I thought I would post some of the blind contour drawings I have been doing in my sculpture class. Each Monday the teacher, Rob Roesch has us spend two twenty minute sessions drawing the model before we start sculpting. The first several weeks it was all blind contour drawing. In recent weeks he's let us mix up blind contour with regular observational drawing. I mix it up using different tools to draw with marker, pencil, ballpoint, charcoal, etc. Sometimes I combine them all in one drawing. To be honest the first couple of weeks I was 'F this!"

But I've come around to just letting the drawing be more of an exploration and I have loosened up. Today I even did some drawing with my left hand (the one above)which came out much more angular as I searched for all of these angles running through the figure.

I'm also posting here the second pass at the figure in Carolyn Pyfrom's class. I really fought hard to get the shadows unified and now I'm going back in with the palette knife and punching in the colors. Carolyn gave me a great crit today and that helped a lot. these last weeks of school are flying by fast. I still have a fair amount of work to do on all of my projects, and have to decide which pieces to put in the spring prize show.